MicroCentric LDZ Air Cylinders feature a high-performance precision rotary air bearing assembly. The air bearing incorporates a hardened steel journal and a housing supported by high-speed ball bearings. This advanced design is combined with MicroCentric's precision manufacturing capability to produce a line of air cylinders of unmatched performance and reliability. Air cylinders offer fine adjustment of draw tube force to prevent distortion of workpieces during clamping as compared to hydraulic actuators. LDZ Air Cylinders can be adapted to all machine spindle and rotary table configurations to actuate jaw and collet chucks. Spindle mounting plates and draw tubes are quoted on request.

Air Cylinder Models Thru Hole

Air cylinders and collet closures come in 6", 8" and 10" diameter models with 1.062" (27mm) thru hole. The 6” model is rated to 6,000 rpm with clamping force up to 5,200 lbs (2,360 kg). 8" and 10" diameter models come in 1.655" (42mm) thru hole. The 8” model is rated to 5,000 rpm with clamping force up to 5,050 lbs (2,290 kg).

Adjustable Draw Tube

Adjustable draw tube is offered to install collet and set tension. The 6” model utilizes 5C draw tube, 1.062” thru hole, and is rated to 6,000 rpm.

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