MicroCentric MBS Chucks are ideal for production turning, grinding, and milling applications, as well as clamping delicate workpieces with minimum distortion. MBS chucks require no maintenance and are especially suited to abrasive and highly contaminated environments since there are no exposed moving parts. MBS chucks are available in self-contained and draw tube actuated models.

Additional Features

Additional features include repeating accuracy to .0001" (0.002mm) TIR, with low maintenance, no lubrication required, and no exposed moving parts to wear out or become contaminated by chips and swarf. This product is double acting for both OD and ID clamping and offers pull back clamping action. Adjustable clamping force is used to minimize distortion of thin-walled workpieces. High-Low clamping capability and 6 jaw configuration standard; 2, 3 and 4 jaw models available in sizes from 3” to 12” diameter.

MBS Chuck Models

  • Rotating Self- Contained: self-contained design with built-in air cylinder for rotating applications. Actuated by an air tube assembly with rotary union through machine spindle.
  • Stationary Self-Contained: self-contained design with built-in air cylinder for stationary applications. Air is supplied through ports on OD of chuck body or back cover.
  • Draw Tube Actuated: actuated by an external hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder mounted to the rear of the machine spindle. Modular design that includes a spindle mounting plate and draw tube adapter.
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