Improve Productivity and Lower Costs by Enhancing
Workpiece Quality

through accurate and repeatable workholding. Manufacturers that are able to maintain close concentricity across a workpiece's operation sequence benefit from lower scrap rates, reduced cycle times, and increased production capacity. By holding close tolerances and minimizing the amount of material left for finishing operations, you not only reduce your cost per part, but you end up with more parts produced at the end of each shift. The accuracy of MicroCentric PPC Series Chucks also provides the capability to improve parallelism, roundness, and squareness, as well as holding closer size tolerances.

Accuracy to 0.0001"

TIR Standard repeating accuracy of PPC chucks is .0001" (0.0025mm) TIR maximum radial and lateral runout. PPC Series Chucks feature a dual actuator design for superior rigidity and unmatched accuracy in a draw tube actuated design. PPC chucks are the ideal choice for precision finishing operations such as hard turning, sub spindles, and grinding.

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