Reduce Setup Time, Maximize Runtime for Increased Output, and Lower Cost Per Part

MicroCentric's Quick Change Tooling for multi-spindle screw machines lets you dramatically reduce your setup time, and increase the number of hours your machine is producing parts. MicroCentric quick change collets and RS pushers will not only lower your cost per part, but also increase your production capacity, and give you the flexibility to run small lots efficiently and profitably.

Produce Highlights & Performance Guarantee

Change collets in less than 15 seconds. Tension adjustment not required after collet change. Offering a higher clamping force than solid and master collets and accuracy within 0.0005" TIR. One piece vulcanized design for better handling and reduced chip and sludge buildup in the machine spindles. The performance of all MicroCentric multi-spindle tooling products is guaranteed. Install a set of Quick Change Collets or RS Adjustable Pushers, and if you are not satisfied with their performance, simply return the item(s) within 30 days for a full refund.

Adjustable RS Pushers

Fine adjustment of feed tension with set uniform tension on all spindles. Adjust tension as pusher wears. Six segmented design for uniform contact. Large range of adjustment and longer life than conventional pushers and feed fingers.

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